A new way of travelling with Wi-Fi

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Majesti-fi with its Partners are providing an award-winning global digital roaming experience with clients both big and small. We combine strategy, user experience and design to help our clients think beyond the ordinary.

4G Connectivity wherever you may be

operates in over 100 different countries
automatically connects to the local 4G or 3G  network
always searching for the strongest signal across multiple network providers
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Super Fast Speed

Your Majesti-fi always looks for the best, fastest and strongest connection to a network. Where available, you’ll be automatically connected to 4G with super fast speeds.

Fantastic Reliability

With coverage in over 110 countries, a battery life with 9h in operation and 48h in standby, and a minimum of 2 partner networks in each country, you will never be without the Internet again.

Cut your roaming costs by up to 90%

Do you have technology at your fingertips, but are just too afraid to use it whilst away on business because of the cost implications? Do not fear, Majesti-fi is here!

It will also charge your phone

Aside from delivering you super fast cost cutting Internet, The Majesti-fi also has an in-built USB port so you can charge your devices on the go!