Bringing the World Together

“People have always found a way to connect with each other. It's in our nature. It's how we survive.


Bringing the World Together

Now that it takes more than just your voice to be heard. What does it mean to be connected? It means sharing ideas, being created, It means being persistent, working as a team. It takes people when that happens. It's truly amazing. Now that it takes more than just your voice to be heard, what does it mean to be connected ?. Whether sharing ideas, being creative. It means being persistent working as a team. It takes people to connect people when that happens it's truly amazing.


Bringing the World Together

Bring the world together is our role, allowing you to connect where and whenever you are travelling. Majesti-Fi is consistent, allowing you to be persistent. reactive allowing you to be creative and is a team player. Amazing. Now that amazing!

Partner with Majesti-Fi.

Offering a competitive, hassle-free international, secure data roaming WiFi and Telecommunications solution  globally 

Majesti-Fi’s works to form strategic alliances with local operators and solution providers all over the world to market a range of global products and services that extend our reach and add an extra value solution to your customers base.

Our Partners can help you buy the best communications solutions to meet your needs. We support our partners with training, marketing resources and tools that help them provision and support the services they supply. They can also ensure your communications services integrate with your IT and other services. If you want to improve your business efficiency and competitiveness, in a market that is ever changing Majesti-Fi from Majestic Ventures Group a  could be just what you need.

Whatever the solution, Majesti-Fi can offer tailor built, versatile and cost-effective upgrade to your clients, customers and employees.

Our Channel Partners are trusted, influential, responsive and knowledgeable.

Blue Turtle Technologies resells Majesti-Fi’s data roaming WIFI in South Africa!

Increasing productivity of travelling for business and decreasing roaming expenses with innovative Majesti-Fi private, but shareable pocket WIFI


As a newly appointed reseller partner, Blue Turtle will integrate Majesti-fi’s WiFi offering into its FinTech solutions to market to help clients manage and reduce expenditure when roaming in multiple countries, while ensuring a secure, encrypted connection. This removes the need for users to connect to unsecure WiFi while travelling, allowing for seamless, reliable connectivity without limits, using virtual SIM technology.

“Staying connected while travelling abroad is expensive, with data rates often varying significantly between different countries based on the different tariff plans offered by the home-country network provider. Furthermore, free WiFi in the countries one visits is generally limited in range, slow and cumbersome to sign up on, with users often having to sign up on multiple different WiFi hotspots while moving around,” says Justin Arnoldi, Head of FinTech at Blue Turtle Technologies.

“Majesti-Fi is a pocket-sized and innovative personal hotspot that can cut your roaming costs by up to 67%. With an operating battery time of up to 13 hours and 48 hours in standby, it can also be used as a power bank with the Majesti-Fi Smart model. The personal hotspot seamlessly connects to the network operator with the strongest signal, and allows for five devices to be connected simultaneously, ensuring that you remain securely connected with an encrypted connection, without being limited to one mobile user,” adds Arnoldi

Most affordable and flexible roaming rates for business travellers in globally.


Business Travel Direct is the first UK TMC to offer its clients the opportunity to remove ‘data roaming anxiety’ among business travellers when abroad, ensure security of online communication and enable business travellers to work more efficiently.

SecureConnect, launched in partnership with Majesti-Fi, gives Business Travel Direct’s clients access to a new device that removes ‘roaming anxiety’ by giving business travellers easy, constant and secure WIFI connectivity to avoid data roaming charges.

“Business travellers can now work more efficiently and even keep in touch with loved ones at home without the worry of racking up huge expenses.

“And corporates have the reassurance of knowing that unlike when travellers use free public WIFI, all communication through the device is encrypted and secure.”

Andrew Perolls, executive director at Business Travel Direct, comment: “As a company, we pride ourselves on finding the latest technology solutions that can help our clients to save money while making life easier for travellers.

“SecureConnect and the partnership with Majesti-Fi delivers on both counts, especially when travellers are venturing to areas outside Europe where data roaming charges can be extremely high.  Corporates have peace of mind knowing that their budgets are not going to be hit by unexpected bills. Equally, travellers are freed from the anxiety of monitoring their data use while maintaining the security of their communications.”