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Available 7 day package option: 1GB per week (7 X 24 hours)

Activation: 7 day package will be automatically activated upon the first data usage at your destination after the purchase.

Validity: Data will be valid for 7 X 24 hours from the activation.

Expiration: Unused 7 day package will automatically expire after 7 X 24 hours after activation of the day package and 30 days after the date of the purchase date of the data not activated.

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7 Day package is valid for 7 days from the activation.

Once the 7 day package data limit is reached, the connection will slow down to 128mbps.

Global PAYG 7 day package is a great option for travellers who conduct one week trips and are not a heavy data user.

Need more data when travelling? Explore our Global PAYG 1GB, 3GB and 5GB Monthly package – you can top up your 7 day package anytime!



7 day package is applicable in 140 countries worldwide in accordance with Majesti-Fi’s coverage list.

7 day package is valid for 7 X 24 hours upon activation. Use your data at your own pace.

Stay connected on-the-go with super-fast 4G mobile WiFi. Hassle-free – always private and secure internet at one low, flat rate worldwide.

Have the assurance that you can check your emails and browse the web safely whenever you need to while you travel with your Majesti-Fi.