Rent a pocket-sized, secure global Wi-Fi hotspot.

Travelling with family or friends? Keep up to five smartphones, laptops, tablets and gaming consoles connected with unlimited internet.

Need fast internet access while in the United Kingdom or travelling across 142 Countries.  Hire this  Majesti-fi and connect up to 5 devices to the internet at the same time.

Majesti-Fi Wi-Fi enabled devices like Laptop, smartphone (Example: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei), MAC, PC, tablet to access the internet while on trains, in a car, coach, bus, in the park, in your hotel, office or at home while in the UK. 4G Majesti-Fi has speeds of up to ten times faster than 3G.

Discover the possibilities

Fast and Reliable

Enjoy the strongest signal in globally.

Wifi Wherever You Go

Your private Wi-Fi connection. Unlimited Internet everywhere.

Ultra Convenient

We’ll ship directly to your home, before you leave.

Book your Majesti-Fi, it will be delivered to you and before you travel.

Conditions of usage
  • Min 5 Days rental.
  • Delivered to your door
  • . Our fixed-price daily data pass keeps you connected wherever you are in the world
  • Only pay when you use your data
  • Only pay for the days that you use data in your destination, so if you don’t use any, you won’t pay a penny.  And don’t worry about using too much data .
  • How do daily charges work?
  • With Majesti-Fi you’ll only pay for the days you use mobile data abroad. 5 days min commitment,
  • Don’t forget that your Majesti-fi will use data if you have apps that automatically update in the background. This will trigger the daily charge, so if you’re not planning to browse the internet or check your social sites and emails every day, it’s worth turning off automatic app updates before you travel.
What’s included in the package
  • Portable Majesti-FI
  • Power plug for charging through a wall/power socket & USB cable charging cable
  • Portable battery charger/ Power Bank ! included in the device
  • Return postage envelope (already paid by us)
  • Guide and frequently asked questions printed and included
  • Return postage envelope (already paid by us)
  • Connect to the internet while you are on the move, in the park or indoors