Empowering Global Business Mobility in a unique, simple and cost-effective manner with Majesti-Fi

  • Multiple pricing models
  • Data packages tailor-made to fit your business needs
  • Focused and analysed cost reduction
  • Accurate budgeting and savings
  • No Variable International Rates and Caps
  • Fix Flat Rate Globally
  • Pool-sharing concept
  • Centralized management, including billing and reporting
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Automatic connection
  • Real-time technical support
  • NO SIM swaps / NO time waste
  • Enable BYOD program
  • Streamline employee rollout, demonstration and training
  • Shareable device usage – cut off standard monthly roaming opt-in plans per user
  • Information security
  • Prevent hacking from public Wi-Fi
  • Integration to specific business applications
  • GPDR Compliant

The Most Cost-Effective Enterprise Solution Available in a Global Market.

Unlimited International Data Roaming Designed for Business with Frequent Travellers!

Wi-Fi services are accessible in over 140 countries around the globe, where your account will be charged at a fixed rate per MB without the excess of international costs.

There is no variable rate. You will receive a fixed price for your data globally, with no hidden data charges or out of bundle surcharges.

Our experts will work with you to create a bespoke deal for your company needs.

Majesti-Fi prides itself in finding the best deal for its clients and we assure you of average savings of 67% of your average global data roaming cost.

You can opt for a Business Monthly Data Package or simply add Daily Passes to your devices as per your business travel needs!

Multi device support

User friendly Experience

360 Management Platform

24/7 Trouble Shooting

OEM/ODM Available

Open API

Day Pass

Don’t have a need for the roaming data on monthly basis, but would still appreciate to lower your cost and have more freedom when travelling?
Majesti-Fi Daily Passes might be a perfect fit for your business!
Daily Passes support a business traveller with a chosen daily pass plan which lasts 24 hours from the activation.

Daily pass plans:

  • 500 MB per day
  • 1 GB per day
  • 3 GB per day

*Once the chosen daily pass plan reached, strong 4G connection will slow down to 128mbps until 24 hours window is fulfilled. Still, connection will never be cut off.

*Wish to have automatic reload? Wish to have daily pass plan adjusted to a weekly plan? Not a problem, get in contact with our Majesti-Fi Team and we will adjust available models to your Business needs

When using a Majesti-Fi device

You will be able to connect without providing personal details or accepting any terms and conditions. You can connect through your Majesti-Fi device and avoid the unnecessary steps to logging on through public internet access.

Majesti-Fi’s use military grade encryption (WPA2-PSK). Wi-Fi access control and verification protocol to ensure that online usage is not intercepted by a third party. All data between the Majesti-Fi device and the cloud-based systems are encrypted and authenticated using digital certificates whilst retaining your anonymity abroad.

The devices use state of the art security to ensure confidentiality and integrity of your, and your business’s, data and is GPDR compliant.

Majesti-Fi is a constantly growing, ever-evolving service that allows you to roam without borders, restrictions or limitations.

Why pay extra money unnecessarily for your data needs?